Microsoft's new "Scroogled" video is also a holiday poem

Last week, Microsoft launched its newest effort to go after its arch rival Google with its "Scroogled" campaign. Microsoft claims retailers and product makers pay Google in order to have their devices and services get a higher ranking on Google Shopping search results. Naturally, Microsoft also claims that its Bing search service does not work that way.

Today, Microsoft posted up another "Scroogled" video on YouTube that is meant to sound a little like the classic "Night Before Christmas" poem. This animated short again shows Microsoft's contention that people who search for holiday gifts on Google are getting results that have been influenced more by money paid to Google rather than a real objective search result.

There's been some talk that Microsoft has its own paid system for being included in Bing Shopping results. pointed out that Bing has a partnership with, which promises its merchants "higher visibility" in Bing Shopping results. However, a Bing representative told the website that the deal with does not mean merchants will get a higher ranking in Bing but will instead will get its own spotlight in a "sponsored offer" ad.

In any case, we will likely see more of these "Scroogled" videos from Microsoft and Bing before the end of the year.

Source: Bing on YouTube

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