John McAfee reportedly suffers heart attack while in jail [Update]

The saga of the McAfee antivirus company founder John McAfee continued on its weird Quentin Tarantino movie-like script today. Just hours after he was arrested in Guatemala, McAfee may have suffered a heart attack while he was in jail. reports that McAfee was complaining of chest pains while in the Guatemala City detention center and then later he was reportedly seen down on the floor and "nonresponsive". He was taken out of the jail to be transported to a hospital but awoke once again as nurses started removing his clothes. McAfee's offical blog states, "We have no news on his status at this time."

McAfee could be deported to Belize sometime later today, according to the report. Officials of that country's government want to question him as part of their investigation of American businessman Gregory Faull's murder in mid-November. McAfee says he had nothing to do with Faull's death and has maintained that the government of Belize are trying to frame him for the murder.

McAfee left Belize earlier this week and even employed a decoy who was caught at the Mexico border. Instead, McAfee went to Guatemala where he apparently thought he would be safe from arrest. Instead, he was detained by that country's immigration police.

Update: Reuters reports that, according to his lawyer, McAfee did not in fact suffer from a heart attack, adding, "He was suffering from stress, hypertension and tachycardia."

Source: | Image via Guatemala's National Police/AP

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