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New Edge browser enhancements revealed in Windows 10 build 10551

It has been nearly two weeks since Windows Insiders received Windows 10 build 10547. While there was speculation that a new build would drop at the end of last week, it failed to materialize leaving eager Insiders empty-handed. Following news that the 'Tab Previews' feature was set to land in Edge soon, it looks as though at least two new features have already made their way into Windows 10 build 10551.

The first brings a feature that both Windows Phone 8.1/IE 11 and Android users should be familiar with using Chrome: synchronized bookmarks. The setting has appeared in build 10551, but is turned off by default. If it works as intended, this should allow Windows 10 desktop and mobile users to access bookmarks seamlessly across devices. Unfortunately, what isn't clear is if the browsing history and searches will also be carried over, as is the case with Google's Chrome.

The second feature utilizes the middle button press on your mouse, while opening Edge from the taskbar, Start menu or desktop shortcut. If a middle press is used to open Edge, a new window will open, much like when a middle click is used for a new tab while browsing, which you can see in the above animation.

These two features, along with Tab Previews were among the top requests via the Windows Insider Feedback hub, and just goes to show how community feedback plays a huge part in the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows 10 and the core apps it ships with.

As to when we will get to play with these features for ourselves, that's still unclear. With build 10550 looking like a great contender a week ago, and then not rolling out, it's possible the next build will come with at least these two Edge enhancements. We'll just have to wait and see.

Source & Images: ITHome | Thanks FaiKee for the tip!

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