New Microsoft Security Essentials beta inbound

It looks like Microsoft is getting close to releasing a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials, as some Microsoft Connect participants are being invited to join a new Microsoft Security Essentials Public Beta program. Microsoft vaguely state that the newest MSE beta will have “the latest protection features”, and the beta program itself will “start soon” after you accept the invitation.

Apart from the fact that Microsoft is running a brand new beta program for MSE, we really have absolutely no other details. This is possibly for Microsoft Security Essentials version 3, as previously in June of last year Microsoft ran a beta program before releasing version 2 of the free antivirus software.

If you have been invited to join the Microsoft Security Essentials beta you will have received an email from Microsoft Connect. If not and you would like to join, you can try your luck over at the Microsoft Connect webpage. In the meantime, we await what the new MSE has in store.

Thanks to aznkid25 and Tech Greek for the tip in the forums!

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