Update: New Spore game to be revealed at Comic Con?

Kotaku is reporting today that a new game based on Spore will be revealed at San Diego Comic Con. Below is an image of the listing from the Comic Con Programming Schedule that describes the upcoming reveal of the game. 

Comic Con Maxis Video Game Reveal

Image Source: Official Comic Con Site

There have been rumors and images that have surfaced on the Spore forums that claim that the game will be called “Darkspore”. The rumors on the Spore forums also claim that players will be confronting the Darkspore in the game. The Darkspore are supposedly an alien race that wants to take over the galaxy. CinemaBlend has uncovered a Darkspore.com link that currently redirects to Spore.com. It was also discovered that the URL is currently owned by Electronic Arts.

It was announced by EA back in May that they would publish a Spore title for PC in the first quarter of 2011 (between January 1st and March 31st). The original Spore game certainly was very popular, so it would make sense that EA would want to continue the franchise. If the rumors about the plot for this new game are true, it could definitely prove to be an entertaining game. However, there is currently no mention of whether or not Will Wright will be involved in this project. One thing is for sure, as Comic Con approaches, we will bring you any further details as they emerge.

Update: Today, Maxis officially unveiled the title, and the first teaser trailer for the game via the official game site (which went live today). The game will officially be dubbed "Darkspore".

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