Nextbit wants to build a smartphone that gets better with age

We've seen it countless times - a small company that wants to break into the smartphone market and create a big splash with new ideas. Nextbit is that next 'small company', and they are ramping up to deliver a new smartphone that will come to market on September 1st.

We've seen Motorola and OnePlus dish out solid devices for great prices over the past few weeks, so what makes Nextbit different? Apparently, they will create a smartphone that will become better over time. How is this possible when most devices become outdated in a matter of months? The team behind Nextbit is placing its bets on software and the cloud. While details were not divulged, Nextbit thinks that by refining and improving its software on its upcoming device, that they can make the device better and faster over time.

Naturally, most will look at this with a skeptical eye, but the above pillars for Nextbit have quite the resume when it comes to working with smartphones and the related. Naturally, we will have to wait until September 1st to see what Nextbit will offer and see if they can create a device that will truly become better over time.

Source: CNET

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