Nintendo Wii is Most Wanted in Japan Says New Survey

According to an article on Famitsu magazine, one of the most respected gaming magazines in the world, and the biggest magazine in Japan, recently conducted a reader survey for the upcoming releases of the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and several E3 items.

Nearly 70% of the readers surveyed are looking forward to the Nintendo Wii. And to top that off, 88.4% of those readers said the Playstation 3 was just to expensive. Ouch. 10.9% said the price was about right while 0.7% said the price was to low.

68.8% said that they were looking forward to the Nintendo Wii more than the Sony Playstation 3 which trailed behind at 21%. The Xbox 360 had 7% of the vote. The remainder voted for the Nintendo DS.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was, at least according to Famitsu readers the most popular game shown at this years E3 conference. Followed by of course Final Fantasy XIII, Super Smash Bros. and Metal Gear Solid 4. Readers also picked Dragon Quest Sword, Super Mario Galaxy, Final Fantasy III, Monster Hunter 3 and BioHazard all in the Top 10 most wanted. Halo 3 was ranked in last place however, which doesn't look good for Microsoft in Japan at least.

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