Nokia releases first Windows Phone app

While we wait to see what Nokia plans to release in terms of its long awaited Windows Phone 7.5-based smartphones, Nokia is apparently wasting no time in releasing an app for Windows Phone users. The Zune Marketplace web site now has a link to "Top Apps" which is listed as being created by Nokia Corporation. The program is apparently designed to be a one stop place to find the most popular and best apps for Windows Phone.

The description of the Top Apps program says that it will help users find "the latest and hottest applications, view their ratings and descriptions and then get them straight to your phone." It is also supposed to have "handpicked local and global top applications", along with "featured daily picks" and more. The fact that Nokia has already started to release apps for Windows Phone 7 users may mean that the company is getting closer to releasing its own Windows Phone 7 devices.

Nokia has already said that its relationship with Microsoft in making their upcoming Windows Phone 7 smartphone is different than other smartphone companies. Nokia CEO Steven Elop stated recently that Microsoft has given Nokia access to all of Windows Phone 7's source code. That should allow Nokia, in theory, to offer phones that will have unique features that won't be available on other Windows Phone 7 based devices. The release of this new Top Apps program may be an example of that kind of program.

Nokia claims that its first Windows Phone 7 smartphones are due to be released before the end of 2011.

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