NV 30 to be launched in Vegas

NOW WE CAN finally confirm that Nvidia is planning to introduce its NV 30 technology, the next big thing in graphics, sometime between 18 and 22 of November. That's the Comdex event in Las Vegas.

Many people who were sceptical that this chip would actually debut this year can now start to believe it's possible.

Nvidia still holds its position that it will be first with 0.13 micron graphics chips, although it was thought that Trident might beat it. We'd expect quite high frequencies from the NV30 chips. We suggest 350MHz to 400MHz, but no one is quite sure at present, outside the company.

The major goal of the new memory architecture is to ensure that the NV30 beats ATI's offering. But now ATI is working hard on a 0.13 micron R300 chip to respond to the Nvidia threat.

We believe that NV30 cards may hit the shelves by the end of this year, possibly in December, giving the firm a chance to glow brightly again

News source: The Inquirer

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