ObjectDock 0.75 released

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Stardock Corporation, Inc. has just released ObjectDock Beta 0.75 (a task manager/program launcher inspired by the dock on MacOS X). This version includes many substantial bug fixes and added features.

ObjectDock Beta 0.75 is a program that allows you to have a nice animated launchbar/taskbar on your screen that reacts to your mouse when you mouse over it. In short, it's a task bar and program launcher that does it with style.

ObjectDock can read PNG image files, as well as 32-bit icon files in both WindowsXP *and* Windows2000.

The taskbar can be turned on or off, use the dock's options dialog to choose.

Files and folders can be dragged onto the dock to create new items, however objects such as "My Computer", etc cannot yet be dragged onto the dock.

Many more features are on their way, so be sure to keep up to date on ObjectDock's progress!

    New features and bug fixes in this release:
  • Running-program Indicators.... shortcuts to files will have indicator after clicked while the program that was opened is still running... shortcuts to exe's will always have an indicator whenever the program is running.
  • Single clicking an app with a running indicator will bring all its windows to the foreground. Double clicking will run it again.
  • Further improved dropping of some objects (e.g. My Computer, IE) to take advantage of running indicators.
  • Added button to properties dialog of windows in OD's taskbar... clicking it will add a shortcut to the program the window belongs to to the dock. Very useful!

    Re-running the dock opens the dock config window.

  • Fixed taskbar misfunctioning temporarially when Outlook Express "rules" window is opened.
  • Bunch of other little glitch issues fixed
"...It was created to test out new Object Desktop technologies for seeing what could and couldn't be done reasonably on Windows 2000/XP. It's inspired by the dock on MacOS X (which is one of the reasons why we've never made it available previously and why it's freeware)." - Brad Wardell, WinCustomize.com

Download: ObjectDock 0.75

View: ObjectDock Web Site

News source: DeviantArt

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