PC RPG Game of the Year: Dark Age of Camelot

Fantasy books are full of tales of mighty battles between armies of good and evil. For good or evil, many people like to pretend to live in online fantasy worlds. Usually these worlds are for camping, not going to war. In the massively multiplayer, online RPG Dark Age of Camelot, three races compete for glory in medieval times after the death of King Arthur. Armies stream into the frontiers, surround enemy fortresses, and open up with siege engines. Let the siege begin!

Besides refining MMORPGs, Mythic launched Dark Age of Camelot almost seamlessly in sharp contrast to the terrible launches of most other massively multiplayer games this year. Mythic clearly put their experience from years of running MMORPGs to good use. Thus, Gamespy awards RPG of the Year to Dark Age of Camelot.

News source: Gamespy

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