Make Windows better. The Pokki Menu makes accessing and organizing your favorite apps, websites, files and folders more simple and convenient. Fun and convenient desktop versions of the most popular apps and games are available for free in the Pokki App Store. The App Store is included with Pokki and makes it easy to discover and install your favorite apps with a single click. Apps are installed into the Pokki Menu and are automatically pinned to your taskbar. It's that easy. Find, organize, and launch your favorite apps, sites, files, and folders faster and easier than ever before. Search your PC and the web to add your favorite apps and sites, then organize them like you would on a smart phone. Stay informed with notifications from your favorite apps keeping you up to date on your emails, tweets and more.

Pokki brings back the Start Menu to Windows 8

  • Search for apps, control panels, and files.
  • Add your favorite apps, sites, files and folders for quick access.
  • Boot to the desktop and skip the Windows 8 Start Screen.
  • Disable Windows 8 hot corners on the desktop and more.
  • Get free apps and games from the included Pokki App Store.

What's new in this version:

Pokki menu

  • New Pokki taskbar icon option: Home (default)
  • Localized in 12 languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (Latin American), Simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Rename menu favorites: Right clicking on the favorite and select "Rename favorite"
  • Unification of Pokki apps and native Windows apps in menu favorites: all apps can be renamed and removed
  • New All Apps layout: Apps are intelligently pushed to the top and top level directories are expanded
  • Incorporation of the Windows desktop color into the menu interface, or select from several color options
  • Last selected tab is remembered between menu opens
  • Improved app search

Pokki apps

  • Pokki apps asks for permission before showing notifications

Pokki app store

  • Renaming of Pokki App Store to PC App Store, with a new icon
  • Support for traditional desktop apps (eg. Skype)


  • Scaling of Pokki's taskbar icon with various taskbar sizes and display resolutions
  • Simplification of Pokki tools menu
  • Pokki apps are placed right to left when Pokki menu is positioned on the right side of the taskbar

Windows 8 and 8.1 features

  • Improved Windows 8.1 support
  • Removal of the following Windows 8 Start screen features: bottom left corner navigation goes to desktop, Windows key opens Pokki menu on the desktop

What's fixed in this version:

  • Impact to computer start-up time
  • Incompatibility with Windows Store apps using JPEG icons
  • Incorrect app icon background color on some Windows Store apps
  • Incorrect inclusion of Hibernate option in power menu
  • Incompatibility with certain file and app names containing unicode characters

Download: Pokki | 2.6 MB (Freeware)
Download: Pokki Offline Installer | 43.0 MB
View: Pokki Website | Release Notes

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