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Stardock Start11

Stardock Start11 is a Windows 11 customization tool designed to bring back the classic Start menu and enhance users' desktop experience. It offers a range of features and options that allow users to personalize their Start menu and taskbar to suit their preferences.

Make Your Desktop Yours

Take complete control of your desktop with Start11. With Windows 11, Microsoft chose form over functionality and removed many different features that were available in Windows 10. With Start11, you can customize the experience to fit your personality.

Features You Expect

Windows 11 removed many features that were present in Windows 10, Start11 brings them back. From the basics like returning the right-click menu on the taskbar to ungrouping of windows on the taskbar. You can also choose to have your icons centered on the taskbar with your Start menu left aligned.

One Desktop to Rule Them All

When working with multiple devices across various versions of Windows, Start11 can help you create a common desktop experience. Make Windows 10 look like Windows 11, or 11 look like Windows 10. Or how about making both Windows 10 and 11 look like Windows 7? The choice is yours.

Remove Unwanted Content

Windows 11 brings with it a new design language but also more advertisements and content that you can’t remove. Take back complete control with Start11 and remove unwanted outside content and sections of the Start menu that you don’t want to see.

Start11 changelog:

  • NEW : Right-click on the taskbar button now offers Close Window instead of Close All Windows on Windows 11

  • Now supports win key when foreground app is elevated

  • Resolves issue with taskbar line not always showing correctly on Win11 22H2 when taskbar enhancements are disabled.

  • Added option to block Winkey handling entirely when in a fullscreen application

  • Resolved some taskbar incompatibility issues with right-clicking on the taskbar on recent dev channel builds of Win11.

  • Adjusted taskbar button flashing color in light mode as too pale

  • Resolved issues with apps that rapidly update the taskbar progress bars hanging the taskbar for periods

  • Workaround for a crash caused by Grammarly being installed when using sub-menus

  • Fixed issue with taskbar shifted up when using non-standard scaling factors (like 140%)

Start11 is only $7.40 For more information about Start11, please visit Start11 website.

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