Proton Calendar is now available on Android devices with encrypted events

Proton Calendar screenshots

The Proton team recently announced that Proton Calendar is now available for Android devices. As we’ve come to expect from products from Proton, the calendar offering includes encryption features that protect your events. When you add an event to Proton Calendar, the event name, participants, location, notes, and descriptions are all fully encrypted which gives your privacy a boost.

Aside from encryption, Proton Calendar also boasts other advanced features you expect from this type of app. You can set up events using multiple time zones to make things easier when planning with overseas friends and colleagues, you can set multiple reminders for events, it’s available in light and dark mode, you can see your schedule on the home screen with the aid of a widget, and there are different calendar views such as day, schedule, and month view.

Proton Calendar screenshots

Discussing the new product, Proton said:

“Your calendar contains plenty of personal data, such as who you meet and where you meet them. This information deserves the same level of protection as your email and files, which is why Proton Calendar protects your life events with the same end-to-end encryption ProtonMail uses to secure your messages.”

If you’re interested in using Proton Calendar but you already have another calendar service set up, Proton Calendar has a feature called Easy Switch which lets you import your existing calendar to Proton Calendar. You can also import using a local calendar file with the .ics extension.

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