Prototype 2 live action trailer released

Live action trailers for games get something of a mixed reaction from certain people. On the one hand, a well produced trailer can certainly be an excellent way to promote a game. On the other hand, some people might watch the trailer, then pick up the game, and wonder why it doesn't really resemble the actual look and feel of the trailer they watched.

This weekend, Activision released a live action trailer for Prototype 2. It's titled The Power of Revenge, and it's definitely well produced. Having played and enjoyed the first game in the open world action game series from developer Radical Entertainment, we can certainly appreciate that this sequel is going to up the ante in terms of over-the-top violence and the trailer seems to reflect that.

The 94 second clip, with Johnny Cash singing in the background, certainly understands the themes of Prototype 2; namely characters who can change their bodies into living weapons (kind of like organic versions of the T-1000) and wreck havoc. Hopefully the game itself will live up to what the trailer presents. We will find out very soon. Activision plans to release Prototype 2 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms on April 24th.

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