PSP2 Gets 60GB Hard Drive!

So, not only is the PSP going to play movies it's also going to have as much storage capacity as the PS3?

Apparently so if a slide displayed at Samsung's Japanese launch for its N-Series 1.8 inch hard drives is anything to go on. This has fuelled speculation that the PSP2 will indeed come heavily armed with a 60Gb N-Series and its 60 movies of 135 minutes each capacity.

Sony and Samsung have been in cahoots for some years now, working on LCD panels, sharing patents on the fabrication of semiconductors, and, of course, co-sponsoring Blu-Ray.

The move could also see the final death knell for the universally under-valued, underused and under-loved Universal Media Disc (UMD) format, which has been kicked into touch by developers, retailers and, well, most people.

News source: Spong
Screenshot: >> Samsung Slide

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