Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 brings explosive drones, smaller game size, and much more

Rainbow Six Siege Florez character art

Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Year Six received a full reveal today during a special event by Ubisoft, detailing what's included in the four major content updates that are planned for this year.

Keep in mind that a large number of the announced features are still in early testing and are meant to be implemented in future seasons. To help with the testing, Ubisoft will be pushing out earlier builds than usual to the test server, where players will be trying out content from at least two seasons away.

Season 1 carries an Argentinian operator and a Border map rework, Season 2 carries a Nakoda operator and a Favela map rework, Season 3 will include an operator from Croatia and general changes to multiple maps, and lastly, Season 4 will land with an Irish operator plus an Outback map rework.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 information chart

Instead of gaining new operators by purchasing the Year Pass as usual, in Year Six, players will gain the new operators via the Battle Pass premium tracks as the first reward. The premium-exclusivity period is also being extended to two weeks, after which other players can grab the player using Renown or R6 Credits.

Also this year, Ubisoft will be implementing changes to Siege that will try to spice up the pre and post-action phases, including the ability for operators to use drones and their special equipment after dying. An attacker buff, replacing the 'hidden' armor system with simply more health for operators, multiple operator reworks, and updates to the matchmaking systems are also planned.

Other updates incoming this year include drastically reducing the size of the game, customizable elite uniforms, a partnership with Capcom for new Elite skins based on Resident Evil franchise, and a menu UI rework, among other changes.

Kicking off Year 6 Season 1 is Operation Crimson Heist, and it is bringing Flores as the new operator. This is a new attacker that can deploy an explosive drone that, once triggered, becomes bulletproof and explodes after a small count down, taking down any gadgets and enemies nearby. Also included in the major update is a Match Replay system for PC, as well as a new secondary weapon - Gonne 6 that is equipped with a single explosive round for taking out bulletproof gadgets.

Check out the gameplay video Ubisoft put out today showcasing the new operator and the Border map rework above. The Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 Crimson Heist is heading to the PC test server tomorrow, February 22. It will be pushed to the full version of the title across all platforms as a free update once Ubisoft deems it ready for prime time.

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