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Master Chief drops into Rainbow Six Siege as part of a Halo crossover, but he's pricey

Rainbow Six Siege and Halo crossover artwork

Halo fans may not be receiving a new game anytime soon, but if they want to be an elite tactical operator as Master Chief, Ubisoft has provided an answer. The company has announced a brand-new crossover event for its tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege, and it's bringing everyone's favorite Spartan, plus an iconic weapon, into the Tom Clancy universe.

Rainbow Six Siege's attacking operator Sledge is the one transforming into Spartan-117 Master Chief with the Elite skin on this occasion. The skin comes in two pieces, the Spartan-117 headgear and armored uniform, letting players mix and match the helmet and suit with any other customization they already own.

Sledge's unique trait, his breaching hammer, is also getting a Halo-inspired skin. With the pack, he can now wield a Banished Gravity Hammer from Halo Infinite while devastating walls, gadgets, and other players as usual. There's a sleek cinematic trailer attached to the release showing off the skins too, watch it below.

Ubisoft has also designed custom skins for Sledge's M590A1 shotgun, L825A2 assault rifle, and P226 MK25 pistol loadouts to go with the crossover, as well as operator cards, a unique victory celebration, and a Cortana Chibi charm to hang off weapons.

However, for anyone looking to grab the skin, it will be a rather pricey venture. The Spartan-117 Elite Bundle comes in at 2670 R6 Credits to purchase from the Rainbow Six Siege in-game store. This translates to $26.95 if players opt for the R6 Credits package the game recommends. The higher price may be due to licensing fees to Microsoft for borrowing the iconic character's likeness.

Rainbow Six Siege Halo crossover price

The price also makes it the most expensive Elite Bundle to be featured in the game. Other skins from crossovers, such as 2B from NieR: Automata or Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, come in at 2160 R6 Credits, while standard Elite skins cost 1800 R6 Credits.

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