Recent Flash update crashes Firefox in Windows Vista and 7

A few days ago, Adobe released the latest update to its Flash web browser plug-in. However, that update has resulted in a lot of upset Firefox users. The BBC reports that Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions of Firefox are crashing regularly as a direct result of the Flash update.

The new 11.3 version of Flash was first released on June 8th. Since then, there's been no word on when Adobe might release a new version that will fix the Firefox crashing problems. In a statement, Firefox's creators at Mozilla stated, "Adobe and Mozilla are working closely to diagnose and address these issues."

Mozilla has also posted up a support page specifically to help users deal with the 11.3 Flash problems. One suggestion is to remove or disable the RealPlayer Browser Record extension from Firefox, with a full step-by-step guide for doing so. If this doesn't work, then Firefox users of Vista and Windows 7 might have to reinstalled the 11.2 version of Flash in order to get everything back up and running.

Source: BBC

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