Review: CrossOver v1.1.0 for Linux

I found this review from a link via Slashdot, where Mozilla News reviews CodeWeavers CrossOver Plugin, which allows Linux users to use software and browser plugin's that where once only available on Windows.

Version 1.0 was launched in late August 2001, and now with 1.1.0 being released on 27th February 2002, it now sports some new additions... Added support for Windows Media Player 6.4.

As Mozilla News puts it... "Finally, every major plugin on the internet, along with several obscure ones, are now supported under Linux". The plugin is available for $24.95 and is available at The CodeWeavers Web Site"

CrossOver Plugin lets you use many Windows plugins directly from your Linux browser. In particular CrossOver fully supports: QuickTime, ShockWave Director, Windows Media Player 6.4, Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer etc...

The review over on Mozilla News goes into how CrossOver was installed, through accessing CrossOver on your desktop (icons for WMP and QuickTime are placed on both the Gnome and KDE desktops) and finishes with showing some examples of using CrossOver's plugin support while browsing the net. These examples include screen shots of the Windows WMP and Quicktime plugins working just like they would in Windows, from within the reviewers over clocked dual 550mhz Celeron with 256mb RAM Linux system (Red Hat 7.2 & Ximian Gnome Desktop).

News source: - Review: Codeweavers CrossOver Plugin 1.1.0

View and download: CodeWeavers - CrossOver Plugin 1.1.0 and view Press Release announcing v1.1.0

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