SCO to launch legal Web site

The SCO Group plans to launch a Web site to chronicle its legal battles relating to Unix and Linux, as part of an effort to counterbalance was set up to poke holes in the company's legal claims.

The site, to be called, will feature an archive of legal filings, hearing dates and SCO positions on various matters, spokesman Blake Stowell said Tuesday. The Lindon, Utah-based company plans to launch the site by Nov. 1, he said.

"The site will be designed to be informational for people desiring to follow the company's litigation. We've received a lot of feedback from people saying, 'I would like to follow what's going on, but I would prefer to not have to visit Groklaw,'" Stowell said. Groklaw, run by paralegal Pamela Jones, provides legal filings and detailed analyses of SCO's legal cases with IBM, Novell, AutoZone, DaimlerChrysler and Red Hat. It's popular with open-source fans who generally disparage SCO's legal attack.

News source: C|Net

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