Shuttle Puts LGA775 Chips into Small Form-Factor PCs

Shuttle has unveiled its new series of small PC barebones powered by Intel's latest chips in LGA775 packaging. To feed the chips with enough power and provide sufficient cooling, the company that is mostly known for small form-factor barebones had to install more efficient power supply unit and develop a new design of chassis to provide better-organized air flows. The manufacturer positions its XPC SB81P and XPC SB83G5 personal computer barebones for multimedia or workstation applications requiring a lot of computing power delivered by Intel's latest microprocessors, such as Intel Pentium 4 560, along with the newest PCI Express x16 graphics cards, such as ATI RADEON X800 XT. The small form-factor (SFF) systems are equipped with 350W (SB81P) and 250W (SB83G5) power supply units and multiply fans in order to provide sufficient amount of power and cooling for modern high-performance components.

Earlier Shuttle offered barebones with either passive cooling, or with only one fan. However, it appears that even Shuttle's high-performance heatsink based on heat-pipe technology cannot efficiently cool-down Intel's new central processing units that can dissipate up to 115W nowadays, as a consequence, Shuttle had to install an active fan on its heatsink.

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News source: xbitlabs

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