Star Ocean arriving in US August 31

The long-awaited Star Ocean is finally set to wash up on American shores, and it will sport the same features as the Japanese "director's cut" version.

The long-delayed anticipated game, Star Ocean has finally been announced by Square Enix that it will release on August 31. Star Ocean: Till the End will be compatible to Playstation for a retail price of $49.99. Star Ocean was released in Japan almost 2 years ago in late 2002, but the Japanese version suffered problems. These problems were mainly crash bugs that necessitated a reshipment of the game to stores. A North American release was delayed several times in order to implement what Square Enix calls "the developers' true vision for the stateside release." Star Ocean: Till the End of Time should be released in Europe sometime this fall. GameSpot's brand-new preview has more on the game.

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News source: GameSpot

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