Study finds Bing to be more accurate than Google

A recent survey conducted between the two search engine giants, Google and Bing, have shown that visitors on Microsoft's search engine are more likely to find what they are looking for in less time than Google users.

The study, conducted by Experian Hitwise, via, shows that Bing users clicked on search results 81.54% of the time, while Google users only clicked 65.58%. According to Experian, this shows that Bing users are more likely to find what they are looking for, making the search engine more accurate than rival Google.

As Bing has a higher click percentage than Google, it shows that Microsoft's decision engine is returning results that users are looking for the first time, without the need for a second or third query.

Just last week, Google accused Bing of stealing their search results, even setting them up in a sting operation to determine if Bing really was stealing results. Bing later fired back at Google, claiming their search bar was watching what users are searching and clicking, sending the information back to their servers for processing. As the rare search results from Google later showed up on Bing, the arguments and accusations started to fly between the two giants.

Just yesterday, Neowin announced that Bing's market share has gone up by 6%, while Google is slowly losing its dominance. Although Google still holds the top spot with 67.95% market share, Bing is slowly catching up. Bing-powered searches, including both and, claim a total of 27.44%.

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