Swamii, new personalised search service launched

Swamii is a new service which scans the web, blogs, television, press, shops (and more) for your interests every day and sends the results by email or on your own personalised start page. Has Google Alerts found its first true rival?

The custom-built Swamii Indexing Machine is unique in its ability to search both the online and offline worlds; users select from a variety of categories to search including newspapers, the web, jobs, peer-to-peer networks and upcoming TV shows.

Link: Swamii.com
News source: Press release

Calling the new service "simple in design but powerful in impact", Kalem Fletcher, CEO of Swamii, says:

"The problem with search engines today is that they are so highly geared towards relevance searching. That means that if I search for a topic today, then search again tomorrow, chances are I will get exactly the same results.

Isn't it better if we get the technology to work for us in a way that is more meaningful? To work in a way that combines all aspects of our lives and delivers information that is relevant to our interests or aims - whether those updates are online or in the real world. That is why we have launched Swamii.com."

The service is free and available now at www.swamii.com. Neowinians, let's hear your thoughts.

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