TechSpot: Silverstone Fortress FT05 Mid-Tower Case Review

Silverstone's "stacked" design might offer unbeatable cooling performance, but as we found out in our review of the Raven RV05, it also wasted a lot of space and resulted in a cramped space for its overall size.

The case suffered some serious limitations in power supply support as larger 1000w capacity units (often required for SLI and Crossfire) won't fit unless you entirely eliminate the case'ssupport for 3.5" drives. While some users were disappointed about certain aspects of the RV05's internal design, others were simply turned off by its largely aggressive aesthetics.

Silverstone is aware of this and often creates a calmer, classier version of their extreme gaming cases, which is where the Fortress FT05 comes in, though it isn't just a direct clone of the RV05 with a different skin. For example, whereas the RV05 is a 63.8L behemoth that stands 529mm tall, the FT05 is a more manageable 483mm tall with a 46L capacity, almost 30% smaller.

Read: Silverstone Fortress FT05 Mid-Tower Case Review
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