Telltale and Mojang announce Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2, set to arrive in July

Just as Telltale finishes its Walking Dead adaptation's third season, the studio is now back with another game announcement, adding to its ever-expanding roster. Minecraft: Story Mode is receiving a second season, Mojang and Telltale Games have announced, with a whole new five-part storyline continuing the adventures of Jesse.

The first season consisted of eight episodes, an unusual occurrence for a Telltale title considering its episodic games typically arrive in parts of five.

The new season's synopsis provided in the announcement is as follows:

As a simple treasure hunt goes wrong, trapping Jesse’s hand in a cursed prismarine gauntlet, we discover that maybe there are other downsides to fame, too - like having a dark and ancient power know your name.

A new adventure beckons, sending Jesse on a quest to the darkest depths of the world - and beyond! Joined by a motley band of familiar faces, fortune hunters, sometime enemies and one deeply disobedient llama, there will be tough choices, peril aplenty and no shortage of People Who Will Remember That.

Season two will reportedly take into effect the decisions from the previous season for those who've played it, but Mojang promises that new players shouldn't have a problem jumping in as well. The game will also feature the Crowd Play mechanic seen in recent Telltale games such as Batman, and Guardians of the Galaxy series.

The original cast of the game, Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Ashley Johnson and Scott Porter have also been announced to return for the sequel, with more cast members and details to be revealed at a later date. Some popular Minecraft centered YouTubers such as Stampy Cat, and StacyPlays are also set to appear as cameos in the new game.

The second season's first episode will be titled 'Hero in Residence' and will be available on July 11 for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices.

Source and image: Minecraft (Twitter)

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