The Road To Gold Part II: Developing Windows

And its with great enthusiasm that I read part two of our friend Paul Thurrotts Windows Server 2003: The Road To Gold. This time Paul takes a look at the build process, with exclusive pictures of the War Room where bugs are discussed and fixed, before going onto some more history. Heres an exempt from the article:

On the day that we attended War Room, on January 21, 2003, Windows Server 2003 had hit an "absolute historic low" for bugs, according to Wanke. "Were shutting down the project this week," he said. "Its done. Were going to ship it." On that day, WinServer 2K3 had just 218 active bugs, and at least a quarter to one-third of those bugs were simple branding issues. "So lets say there are about 150 outstanding issues to address," Wanke told us. "Of that, well fix about 100. All of the bugs are severity rated from 1 to 3, plus they get a priority rating. We have 77 severity-1 bugs left to fix, and those all have to be fixed for us to ship."

This article reveals some pictures and facts which never left Redmond before, and I think it is definately worth a read! I am now looking forward to part III, where Paul takes a look at Windows Testing! In a few words, keep it up Paul!

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