Tomb Raider Misses Key Event

Hot on the heels of our exclusive revelation that Rockstar will not be showing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes the confirmation of the other big E3 no-show rumour. The latest Tomb Raider, currently in development at Crystal Dynamics, will not be on show in any form.

Speaking to us today, Eidos Interactive's global head of communications Steve Starvis confirmed the news. "The new Tomb Raider will not be at E3 this year", he said. "The game will be shown when it's ready", though we must point out that the officious statement belies his jovial charm.

As the development lifespan of modern videogames continues to balloon, this year's E3 will be missing some of the most important games currently underway. In fact, it's becoming increasingly difficult to imagine what new software will be on show.

News source: SPOnG

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