Two new Samsung Galaxy S4 ads, one may or may not be bobbing for Apple

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has, to date, sold more than 20 million handsets; and it’s still going strong. That’s a huge number since the phones release on 26th April. It’s also been a while since any blatant Apple V Samsung news has hit the web. But that doesn’t mean that practice isn’t still going on, even if it is very subtle when it does happen.

Two new Samsung Galaxy S4 adverts have hit YouTube, and in them, Samsung are doing their damnedest to show off the more useful, and one (sort of) cool, features of their now three months matured flagship smartphone.

The first ad shows a pretty ignorant business type man bothering some poor chap who just wants to watch a movie on his phone, which happens to be a Galaxy S4. Although the two do manage to spark up a conversation around how easy it is to transfer data from other handsets to the S4. Even text messages. The eye tracking feature also gets a mention here too. Kudos to Samsung for wedging that in there as well!

The second ad takes us on a magical journey with a girlfriend and boyfriend, the latter of which is incredibly nervous about meeting the girl’s parents, who don’t appear to speak a word of English. The girl however is pretty fluent, but it’s actually the S4 that helps the guy through the situation, telling him what to say to the girls mum in her native Spanish. The dad mind you, he’s unimpressed.

While it’s easy to say that Samsung are taking a pop at Apple in the first advert, without actually mentioning Apple or the iPhone at all, it’s still a nice way to inform people that they can transfer their data to the S4 relatively painlessly. Or at least that the idea anyway. But you just know Samsung would have loved to have mentioned a certain fruity iDevice, just because they could. I mean, who else’s customer base, that might see the advert, would they really want to go after? Nokia’s?!

Source: YouTube via: Redmond Pie

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