VidCutter 5.5.0 bugfix [Update]


VidCutter is free and open source video trimmer joiner for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Using VidCutter, you can easily do most common video editing like trim, split, and join. VidCutter supports popular video formats including MP4 (which is default video format of smartphones), AVI (used by some cameras), MOV, WMV, MPEG, and FLV.


  • video cutting & joining in one super fast action
  • reorder clips however you like
  • save project to continue marking clips later before nd result
  • libmpv based hardware accelerated playback engine
  • backend supported by the power of FFmpeg

VidCutter 5.5.0 changelog:

  • The most requested feature is finally added; media stream configuration! A
  • new media stream button has been added and enabled for use when
  • clips are all derived from the same source media OR media files added
  • manually all share the same codecs, formats, etc... A view of all
  • detected streams including video, audio, text/subtitles. Chapters are not
  • included as they are treated differently by FFmpeg and followng the usual
  • rule of thumb in VidCutter which is they will be included in your end
  • result if the original source is not corrupt or in some weird non-standard
  • configuration.
  • Migrated main toolbar buttons from QToolBar + QActions to new custom
  • widget VCToolBarButton handling QPushButton with attached. This allows
  • working pressed states on existing toolbar buttons which QToolBar buttons
  • (for reasons I cannot fathom) do not.
  • Tools section added to settings for setting paths to three main tools
  • used by VidCutter; FFmpeg, FFprobe and MediaInfo. Set to Defaults
  • button reverts changes to defaults, especially useful for users of
  • bundled packages of app (AppImage, Windows and macOS which contain
  • these tools prepacked). Allows you to use different versions of said
  • tools.
  • End of file is now being observed in the mpv library event pool so that
  • playback state resets position back to the start, in pause and all
  • controls in their default states.
  • Ability to set clip index list to the left or right (default) of main
  • window.
  • Support for WTV (.wtv - Windows Recorded TV Show) media files
  • (playback and cutting/joining) added. [full release notes]

VidCutter 5.5.0 bugfix changes:

  • BUGFIX RELEASE 1 - fixes selected region on slider and SmartCut breakages
  • on various h264 based source media

Download: VidCutter 5.5.0 (32-bit) | 53.1 MB (Open Source)
Download: VidCutter 5.5.0 (64-bit) | 58.1 MB
View: VidCutter Home Page | Other operating systems

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