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Here's how AT&T Turbo can help you get enhanced data connectivity in a busy area

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AT&T has announced a new privileged plan called AT&T Turbo, which users can avail of by paying some extra bucks, in return, they will get a data boost to operate high-performance applications such as games, social media apps, video conferencing apps, etc., with improved responsiveness and stability.

Starting May 2, AT&T users can pay an extra $7 for this new AT&T Turbo service to get privileged network connectivity and data performance, especially in congested areas. By subscribing to AT&T Turbo, users will get priority network traffic in places with busy network areas.

This means, that with AT&T Turbo, users can enjoy better connectivity in places such as sporting events, concerts, etc. AT&T Turbo offers less lag, less buffering, and faster network connectivity compared to normal AT&T customers.

Erin Scarborough, senior vice president of consumer products for AT&T, said:

With AT&T Turbo, we are the first to give customers the choice to activate enhanced data with a few clicks. We know customers want more control of their experience, especially while on the go, and AT&T Turbo answers that call by putting it all at our customers’ fingertips. Today is only the beginning of how AT&T plans to enhance the customer experience through our network and we look forward to evolving the possibilities of AT&T Turbo in the future.

Standard AT&T customers can pay $7/month per line on their eligible plans through the myATT app or online. They can add or remove it whenever they want from their line. Eligible customers will also get the option to turn on AT&T Turbo services to boost network speed while the connection is active.

AT&T Turbo's launch comes after the FCC reinstated Net Neutrality rules, which directs the ISPs (internet service providers) to treat all data traffic equally and prevent creating 'fast lanes' for specific contents and services.

AT&T has stated that its Turbo service follows all the guidelines of Net Neutrality since it boosts the speed and responsiveness of all apps without favoring a specific app, website, or service.

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