Wal-Mart in major solar power push

Wal-Mart has announced what it called "a pilot" solar power project consisting of solar power arrays installed on 22 of its stores and warehouses in Hawaii and California that will generate up to 20 million kWh a year. The largest US retailer will purchase power from three leading US solar panel companies: BP Solar, SunEdison and PowerLight. The company will allow the solar arrays to be installed and maintained by a company that negotiates a long term energy supply contract. The retailer says the solar power systems will provide up to 30% of the power for each store, and that it will use the results "to determine how to move forward with solar power generation at additional..stores".

The initiative is the latest in a drive by Wal-Mart to improve its record on environmental sustainability that has included setting targets for the reduction of packaging, improving the fuel efficiency of its truck fleet, and supporting sustainable fisheries.

News source: Financial Times

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