Weekend Poll: What is the right price for Windows 8?

It may still be a quite a while before we see Windows 8 hit the shelves, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from going all-out with preparations. This includes the impending Consumer Preview that is slated for a "late February" release, of which we have recently seen some screenshots including an interesting look at the Start Menu without the usual Windows orb.

Today we want to know what you think is a reasonable price point for Microsoft to sell Windows 8 at. Please vote for an appropriate price for the full-featured Ultimate retail (disc) equivalent as there is a chance that Windows 8 will come in multiple editions just as Windows Vista and 7 have.

Keep in mind that the pricing for Windows 7 Ultimate on disc was US$319.99 at the time of launch; for Vista, Ultimate was US$399.99 at launch. The upgrade-only editions are usually $100-80 cheaper and the Home Premium equivalent is usually $120-150 cheaper, but this structure and pricing may not carry over to Windows 8.

Place your anonymous votes below and let us know what you think in the comments section.


What is a resonable price for Windows 8's full-featured retail edition?

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