Welcome to Neowin 6

Welcome and thank you for being patient during our down time.

Neowin version 6 was created from the ground up by a team of dedicated and talented developers at Neowin. Powered by Ignition, the brain child of Dave Legg, Neowin 6 sees new features, greater performance and a rich customizable interface for our members and readers to enjoy. The skin you see main page and in the forums is named "Atlas" and was created by Tim Kimberl and Rob Wright. Ignition powers the back end code and our custom Content Management System created by Dave Legg, Simon Andrews and Marcel Klum.

New to Neowin 6 is tags. Tags allow us to place news into specific sections which makes it easier for you the reader to then customise your experience or look at a selection of specific news. We're also proud to present a full mobile version of Neowin that spans across both our community forums and the news pages. To access Mobile Neowin simply visit Neowin.net from your chosen device.

We hope you enjoy Ignition and Atlas as much as we do and in the coming weeks we will be surveying our members for feedback on the changes. For now, welcome and enjoy.

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