When Dear John, became Dear Affiliate,

The Dear John letters to soldiers out on the front lines can hardly be compared to that of letters to websites where the host dis-continues the service. However it kind of throws a spanner in an otherwise safe-haven, a place you can call home. The hardest thing about keeping a popular website online is the hosting, popularity frequently kills, where the amount of hits and bandwidth drastically over-weigh the costs (banner clicks etc etc) more and more hosting/ad companies are pulling out as the Internet community ever widens, the latest casualty is GURU3D.

Thanks to goofydave for this one, taken from our Back Page News forum. Well I had been following this for the last week or so when our affiliate MaxReboot dropped me a note to say that Playnet was forced to drop its member services, effectively closing down a number of good sites. MaxReboot were lucky enough to find a new host, GURU3D were not.

The Webmaster Hilbert Hagedoorn decided after 5 years to throw in the towel. The reason (in part) can be read below:

"...However, I'm tired .. tired of switching to new servers constantly, tired of seeking new hosts and mostly tired of working on the site constantly. Being chief editor on a site like Guru3D.com is basically a one man operation when it comes to content. 90% of the workload is being done by me. I have a normal daytime job, the past two years my day starts at 05:15 each morning and starts with the site, when I return from the normal job I continue with the site, usually I stop at 20:00, that's 75 hours a week excluding the weekends which I mostly used to write up articles and do research on new products which then totals in 85+ hours of work weekly."

R.I.P GURU3D :( another major site bites the dust.

View: The End - Statement from GURU3D.com

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