Winbar 1.2.95 via web-update

WinBar is a free and compact program that lets you monitor your system and provides easy access to frequently used controls. WinBar will run on any Windows 9x or Windows NT based operating system. This program is absolutely free of charge and does not contain any advertisements or spyware.

Here's what the developer (johnwoo) has to say about this new release on the 24th December 2002...

    I've just uploaded the new build, it's available via the web update. The installer (our new one) and helpfile will follow tomorrow. If you're anxious to get the new build now, but you don't have WinBar installed, download build 93 and use the web update.
WinBar 1.2.95 (beta)
  • Improved AppBar code:
    • Fixed an AppBar bug which would crash WinBar when docked to the bottom and adjusting taskbar.
    • Bar now resizes properly on resolution change.
    • Bar is not hidden anymore when Show Desktop is used.
  • Improved Tracker module:
    • Added a Trackers submenu for fast tracker switching.
    • Implemented HTTP/1.1 support, improving compatibility with modern webservers.
    • Added an URL handler, allowing automatic tracker download and activation straight off the web.
  • Added Winamp3 support.
  • The resolution module now optionally displays a restore window after a resolution change.
  • E-mail notification module now checks on startup.
  • It is now possible to prohibit automatic e-mail checking by specifying an interval of 0 minutes.
  • Fixed crash when changing colors.
  • Fixed disk usage for unpartitioned (or otherwise impossible to determine) drives; they now display 0 bytes.
  • Updated 'Get more trackers' link.
  • Added Windows Longhorn (NT6.0) to version module.
  • Added 'Graphs & Links' color to General configuration page.
  • Link control cursor now has shadow enabled (on Win2K/XP)
News source: WinBar

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