Windows 7 touch comes to life at PDC 2009

All week long, Neowin is live at PDC09 and we found some interesting demos of the future of multi-touch screens. We found an interesting new multi-touch screen that allows you to paint using a paint brush.

The quick demo illustrates the possibilities of the new software and hardware combined for the future.

The first video shows how artists might be able to make a drawing using ArtRage:

Another multi-touch display that was previewed was a copy of an application available at the Hard Rock Café, but on a much smaller scale. The real size display is an 18' x 4' wall display that allows multiple interactions. There will also be other smaller scale models available around the country at more Hard Rock Cafés.

The video shows how easy shopping and customizing is using multi-touch and basic search functions:

There was also an Augmented Reality demonstration available this year at PDC. The game was based on the user wearing a pair of glasses and holding a board, where you need to balance a ball through a maze.

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