YouTube Music's restrictions on kids' content leads to quirks with many Disney tracks

Google found itself in trouble with the law last year due to YouTube’s and its own privacy policies pertaining to minors. The search giant was slapped with a multi-million dollar fine as it was found to be in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The company, however, began bringing a slew of changes to the platform ahead of the ruling, followed by official announcements later.

As part of those changes and feature additions, the firm brought about certain restrictions on content that creators label as being made for kids. Those very changes, however, might be resulting in some annoying issues on YouTube Music for such content, especially for those from Disney Music.

Tracks that are labeled as made for kids cannot be liked or disliked. This means that users can no longer add these tracks to their playlist. Additionally, other functions, such as navigating through the app whilst the music is playing in the background cannot be used. Premium subscribers can allow the song to play in the background by locking the screen or by navigating to the home screen. However, switching to the search results screen and adding another track to the queue is not possible.

Interestingly, these restrictions and hiccups seem to happen only on the mobile app. The service’s desktop site allows for songs to be liked or disliked, and you can even add to your playlist from there. It isn’t clear if the desktop version of the service will see these changes any time in the future. It’s best for users to use the desktop site, if possible, to play tunes that are made for children. If you are limited to the phone app, such as in the car or elsewhere, these limitations are sure to bring inconvenience to you.

There is no information on whether the Mountain View giant plans on bringing about any changes to the behavior or restrictions on content for kids for now. One would hope that there would be improvements sooner than later, considering the inconvenience caused by the changes to basic features, such as adding to playlists.

Source: Android Central

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