YouTube now generates 4 billion video views a day

YouTube remains the world's number one video-themed web site and today the site's owner Google announced some new statistics that are sure to blow some people's minds. On the official YouTube blog site, the company revealed that the site is generating a massive four billion video views per day. Google says that number is up 25 percent from just eight months ago.

Even more impressive is the number of videos that are being uploaded to YouTube every day ... or rather every minute. The blog states that 60 video hours are being uploaded by users to YouTube every minute. Yes that means that every second, one full hour of video is being transferred from users to the YouTube site. YouTube even has a colorful interactive infographic web site to illustrate just what those numbers mean.

Google has been making a number of new changes and additions to YouTube over the past few months, including a new site design that went live in December. In October, Google and YouTube officially announced plans to offer a lot of new original video content on the site, created in part by a number of Hollywood studios and celebrities. Must of that new content will debut on YouTube later in 2012.

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