Zonelabs, To uninstall or not to uninstall

Oh, yes... it was an incomplete removal routine that was gumming up the works on Gretchen's computer. The strangest thing is: ZoneLabs already knows about the problems surrounding the uninstallation of its program! I was just about ready to format the drive and build the OS from scratch when I decided to give their support section a once-over this morning. This, of course, was after flipping through hundreds of your network troubleshooting tips (and thank you VERY MUCH for sending them to me). Since I had to bolt off to work before I could dive into the solution, I sent the linked URL to Nathan and asked him to give it a go. One stupid flie reference in the Registry turned out to be the culprit. We could figure it out; we're geeks. What I can't help but wonder is how many other people have fallen victim to this obvious oversight? The moral to the story is: if you're going to install it, don't plan on uninstalling it. At least, without manual intervention.

News source: GnomeReport: Windows Daily

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