Keep your PC safe from Zero-Day threats with Dr.Web Katana

Dr.Web Katana

Dr.Web Katana (Kills Active Threats And New Attacks) protects your system against computer threats by means of non-signature-based technologies—using behavior analysis, cloud-based threat detection, and preset rules. The program does not conflict with third-party anti-viruses and can operate in a team with them to enhance your computer's security.

Dr.Web Katana’s protection is based on non-signature-based search methods, the neutralization of malware, and cloud protection technologies. The product analyses and monitors all system processes and blocks those that exhibit malicious behavior.

Traditional behavioural analysers are based on predefined rules describing the behaviour of legitimate programs. Such rules are well known to criminals. Dr.Web Katana acts differently. This product analyses the behavior of each running program in real time by comparing it with the reputation information stored in the Dr.Web cloud which is constantly being updated. Dr.Web Katana subsequently uses that information to determine whether a program is dangerous and then takes whatever measures are necessary to neutralize the threat.

Dr.Web Katana does not use virus databases (and, therefore, does not have a virus database that requires updating). The product is virtually invisible with regards to system load and resource consumption. Furthermore, it does not require any configuration.

Please note that Dr.Web Katana is not a replacement for a signature-based anti-virus; it operates efficiently in conjunction with other anti-viruses besides Dr.Web.

Dr.Web Katana features

  • Protects critical system areas from being modified by malware.
  • Detects and stops the execution of malicious, suspicious or unreliable scripts and processes.
  • Detects unwanted file modification, monitors the operation of all processes to detect actions that are typical of malware (e.g., the activities of encryption ransomware), and prevents malicious objects from injecting their code into other processes.
  • Detects and neutralises threats that have not yet been discovered and entered in the Dr.Web virus database: encryption ransomware, injectors, remote-controlled malware used for espionage and to create botnets, and malware packers.
  • Protects against exploits—malicious objects that take advantage of software flaws, including those not yet known to anyone except for the intruders who created them (i.e., zero-day vulnerabilities). If it detects that malicious code is attempting to exploit a vulnerability, Dr.Web Katana will end the attacked process immediately.
  • Controls the operation of the most popular browsers and their associated plugins; protects against browser blockers.
  • Blocks malware’s ability to modify boot disk areas in order to prevent the launch of Trojan horses, for example, on your computer.
  • Blocks changes from being made to the Windows Registry to ensure that the safe mode won't be disabled.
  • Prevents malicious programs from altering basic system routines. By blocking certain Windows Registry keys, it prevents malware from changing the appearance of the desktop or hiding a Trojan with a rootkit.
  • Prevents malware from changing launch permissions.
  • Prevents new or unknown drivers from being downloaded without user consent.
  • Prevents malware and certain other applications, such as anti-antiviruses, from adding their entries into the Windows Registry where they could be launched automatically.
  • Locks registry sections containing information about virtual device drivers, ensuring that no new virtual devices are created.
  • Blocks connections between spyware components and the server that controls them.
  • Prevents malware from disrupting system routines such as scheduled backups.
  • Does not conflict with third-party anti-viruses
  • No configuration is required
  • For Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista SP2/XP SP2+ (32 - and 64-bit systems)

Download: Dr.Web Katana 1.0 | 35.6 MB (Shareware)
View: Dr.Web Katana Home Page

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