[Update] 10 billion songs served on iTunes


Seven years after iTunes started selling music online, it has surpassed its next milestone, 10 billion songs downloaded.  Apple was promoting the event of the 10 billionth song by offering the lucky downloader a $10,000 gift certificate to iTunes.

iTunes is currently America’s No. 1 online retailer for songs, which also offers other media, including TV shows and movies for sale.  iTunes has become a success through the sales of iPods and iPhones in the recent years, not to mention that a crackdown by the RIAA, a group created to prevent illegal downloading of music, may have also boosted sales. 

It’s no surprise that Apple has achieved 10 billion songs in only seven years, earning $520 million in profit alone from iTunes, with an impressive $1.67 billion in overall revenue for Apple.

Apple has not announced who won the $10,000 gift certificate for downloading the 10 billionth song.  Oddly enough, the 10 billionth download happened on Steve Jobs birthday, who turned 55 today.

Update: It appears Apple has announced the winner for the 10 billionth song download!

Thanks to Daniel N. for the update information!

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