$300 Linux Computers

AMD64-based desktop systems will be offered for $300 to consumers. How? It is because of a partnership between Britt Systems and Technalign. To keep the price so low, BrittSystems will ship the computers with a version of the Linux operating system.

The machines will features an AMD Athlon 64 2800+ processor,256MB of memory, 80GB SATA hard drive, CD-RW drive. 400W power supply and afloppy drive. The machine will run on TaFusion MEPISLinux which is also known as Frontier. Also included is OpenOffice.org which is a rather competent competitor to Microsoft Office alongwith the Thunderbird email client.

"This new offering will allowindividuals and companies to get a powerful entry level system at the lowestpossible investment. Most companies offering an entry level system under $300usually provide much less processing power, smaller hard drives, a standardCD-ROM, and no floppy drive," said the CEO of Technalign.

The lack of a Microsoft-based operating system is crucial tothe low-price of the desktops, but some other compromises had to be made. The systems only come with a 90-day factory warranty although the separate components still retain their respective warranties which range from one tothree years. First shipments will go out on July 31.
News source: DailyTech

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