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By the second quarter of 2008, Amazon.com Incorporated plans to acquire Audible Incorporated, the leading online provider of premium digital spoken word audio content. Through its web sites in the US and UK and alliances...

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Interactive entertainment will never be the same, with the launch of one title that has changed the way the world thinks about video games. "Halo® 3" has captured the attention of consumers worldwide and has...

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$300 Linux Computers

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AMD64-based desktop systems will be offered for $300 to consumers. How? It is because of a partnership between Britt Systems and Technalign. To keep the price so low, BrittSystems will ship the computers with...

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XP SP2 Launch Price: $300 Million

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Microsoft plans to spend about $300 million to support the launch of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (XP SP2), company officials said. The security-centric XP update, which enjoyed top billing at this...

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