A Builder's Guide to a Budget Game Machine

The "how-to" of handcrafting a brand-new, value-added gaming rig!

Technology marches ever onward as do requirements for the latest, greatest, award-winning games. Consequently, staying current when it comes to PC gaming is not as simple a matter as it is in the console realm. For instance, replacing an aging video card can cost as much -- or more -- than a brand-new, next-generation console system with a controller and a game or two included. Yikes! What's a dedicated computer gamer to do? Well, if price is no detriment to fulfilling your gaming fantasies, I suggest reading A Builder's Guide to the Ultimate Game Machine. It will guide you through the process of building your very own über game rig. However, if your financial means are geared more toward a Mazda Miata lifestyle than a Lamborghini, you're in the right place.

News source: GameSpyDaily

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