Adobe announces a $9.99 bundle with Photoshop and Fresco for iPad

Today, Adobe announced a bundle of its Photoshop and Fresco apps for the iPad. For $9.99 a month, you can get access to both apps. Previously, if you're not a Creative Cloud subscriber, you'd have to subscribe to the individual apps, which are $9.99 a month. In other words, you're getting two apps for the price of one.

As all Adobe apps tend to be, Photoshop and Fresco are meant to work together. And one thing that the company pointed out is that with your files saved in the cloud, you can easily transfer your projects between apps without having to export them.

One example of what you can do is make a photo look like an oil painting, something that can be done pretty easily in Adobe Fresco. What you'd do is edit the photo in Photoshop, perhaps removing the area around the subject. Then you can bring it into Fresco and use an oil brush to give it a painted look. You can do the same thing with watercolors, and you can actually simulate wetness and dryness on your drawing.

The new plan is available now for anyone that subscribes to Photoshop or the premium version of Fresco through the App Store, or anyone that subscribes to the Photoshop Single App plan on

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