Adobe shows off FlashTime for Android

Engadget writes that Adobe has released demo software labelled "FlashTime", a peer-to-peer video calling solution for Google Android, and any other Adobe Air equipped device.

The release obviously mocks FaceTime for iPhone by Apple, and enables calls between various different camera equipped devices. The video below shows two Android devices using the software, as well as a desktop based client running on top of OS X. Currently, Android has no built in support for video calling, over the air, or even over WiFi -- only using third-party applications such as Fring or Qik. "FlashTime" could be a seamless competitor to these as it is multi-platform and based on the AIR framework.

The build that the demo software runs on top is a beta version of Adobe Air 2.5, and is a very early version. Adobe Air 2.5 offers "all the features of Flash 10.1 along with multi-touch/gestures, support for bitmap matrix caching and Geolocation APIs." According to Hexus, Mark Doherty, Flash Platform Evangelist said that certain features "may not make it into the v1 product."

On the FlashMobileBlog, Mark also said that "'FlashTime' is obviously a working title, and the code isn’t exactly stable so I don’t want to release it just yet. I hope I can finish it by next week, by which time it will have a name – suggestions welcome."

Image Credit: Engadget

Note: As of writing the video was taken offline, we'll re-add it when it becomes available again.

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