Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2005

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2005 is now available. This major new release contains over 22 powerful tools which help you uninstall, control and manage the software on your computer.

Using Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2005 you can:

  • monitor software installs and uninstall applications completely

  • optimize your system in several ways to make it run faster

  • find and delete duplicate files

  • edit your services and apply optimized service profiles

  • configure your Windows startup programs

  • find and remove the invalid shortcuts from your Start Menu and Desktop

  • manage your Internet Explorer plugins, BHOs, cookies, context menu items, toolbars and ActiveX controls

  • perform a complete clean-up of your system

  • defragment, clean and backup your registry

  • manage your fonts and Control Panel icons

  • ... and many other things (22 different tools are available)

Download: Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2005 | 12.9MB (Shareware, €32.84)

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