Air Force to rely on Microsoft for network security

The U.S. Air Force is drafting Microsoft to help simplify its networks and software contracts, which could improve its computer security and deliver savings of $100 million.

The military agency is consolidating its 38 software contracts and nine support contracts with the company into two all-encompassing, agencywide agreements, according to a statement seen by CNET The move is part of the "One Air Force, One Network" strategy that the Air Force plans to announce on Friday. An Air Force representative confirmed many details of the announcement, including that it is expected to save the agency $100 million over six years.

"The consolidation will result in standard configurations for all Microsoft desktop and server software," the Air Force said in the statement. "The standard configurations will enforce rigorous security profiles and will be updated on-line with security patches and software updates."

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News source: C|Net

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